Monday, September 14, 2015


The new curling season is here, and we’ve been working hard to get things ready!  The word is spreading about the icePad, and more and more teams are making the switch.   Other companies have started to come out with their own version, and others may follow also, but rest assured – the icePad is still the fastest, most efficient curling brush on the planet.

Here at Hardline, we’re very appreciative of all the teams that approach us to play with the icePad.  We like to call our teams and supporters “Hardline Nation” and we use that hashtag on Twitter to indicate that our supporters are growing in numbers, and that we feel a close bond with our teams. 

We had a number of teams join our already impressive list over the spring and summer, while others saw the major advantage of playing with the icePad and opted to stay with Hardline through until the next Olympic cycle of 2017/18. 

We’re ecstatic to report that our relationship with our two major teams – Mike McEwen and Reid Carruthers – is in place through 2017/18!

Other teams to join Hardline Nation over the spring and summer (in no particular order):
Steve Laycock – SK
Chelsea Carey – AB
Peter De Cruz – Switzerland
Brock Virtue – AB
Kristy McDonald – MB
Kerri Einarson – MB
Michelle Montford – MB
Cathy Overton-Clapham – MB
Matt Dunstone – MB
Krista McCarville – NO
Caitlin Romain – ON
Jacqueline Harrison – ON
Aku Kauste – Finland
Courtney George – USA
Jamie Koe – NWT
Geri-Lynn Ramsay – AB
And many more…including one major team that just came on in September.  See the next blog post for details!

Thank you Hardline Nation for all your support!  Have a great season!