Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Paradise NL proved to be paradise after all for two Hardline teams!

Team Silvana Tirinzoni battled hard and overcame much adversity throughout the game and stole a victory from defeat! Down 5-2 after 6 ends, and with opponent Rachel Homan seemingly in control, Tirinzoni with lead Marlene Albrecht, 2nd Esther Neuenschwander, and 3rd Manuela Siegrist battled to take 2 in the 7th end, and stole 2 in the 8th end when Homan’s draw attempt overcurled and slipped past shot rock.  After several playoff finishes and finals over the past year, Tirinzoni finally knocked open that door and won her first GSOC title in her career.  Tirinzoni finished the round robin at 2-2, and with a good shootout score, they finished in 6th place.  They defeated Kelsey Rocque in the quarters and Tracy Fleury in the semis to face Rachel Homan.

Tier1 Champions Team Tirinzoni  (Photo by Anil Mungal - GSOC)
Team Tirinzoni discuss a shot with coach Gerry Adam (Photo by Anil Mungal - GSOC)

In Tier2 Tour Challenge action, Team Kerri Einarson of Manitoba ran the table and went a perfect 4-0 in round robin and then defeated Michelle Montford (Hardline team), Jill Thurston, and Chantelle Eberle (skipped by Amber Holland) in the playoffs to win the title!  With the victory, Einarson along with teammates Kristin MacCuish, Liz Fyfe, and Selena Kaatz will play in the next GSOC event – The Masters – in Truro NS!  Congratulations ladies!

Tier2 Champions - Team Kerri Einarson (Photo by Anil Mungal - GSOC)

In other Tier 1 news, Team Kristy McDonald of Manitoba also made their season debut sporting new icePads and finished 3-1 in the round robin including wins over Jennifer Jones, Sherry Middaugh and Anna Sidorova, which qualified them for playoffs.   In the quarterfinals, they came up against the upstart Korean team EunJung Kim and lost 7-2.  A good start to the season!