Saturday, February 28, 2015

Team Carruthers Represents Manitoba at The Brier

History was made at this year's Brier for Hardline Curling!

With Team Carruthers winning Manitoba and earning their ticket to Calgary, the icePad would be in play at the Brier for the first time!

The week started off great for lead Colin Hodgson who won the Ford Hot Shots event, winning a 2 year lease on a Ford F150 truck!

Colin also had the distinction of throwing the first rock for Hardline at the Brier.  You can see the video here:

This was Reid Carruthers 4th trip to the Brier, but his first as a skip!  The team played well all week long, making some great shots and earning some big wins, but in the end, Team Carruthers finished with a 4-7 record, while Colin Hodgson earned 1st all star team honors at the lead position.

Thanks to Team Carruthers on helping Hardline Curling make history!