Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So what's the story with the RED pants of Team Mike McEwen?

Some people love them, some others not so much.  But a lot of people are talking about them, that's for sure!

Early in the season, right around the first event of the season in Oakville, Hardline met up with Team McEwen.  We had made some light blue pants that we thought they would look great in.  While they liked the pants, they asked if they came in red.  We checked and it was available in red.

So we made 4 custom red pants for them.  They had said they would only wear them in Grand Slam events in the playoffs.  We kept it a secret, and in early November, as advertised, they brought out the red pants when they qualified in Selkirk MB for the Masters GSOC event, making the shot of the year in the 6th of the finals against Brad Gushue!  Unfortunately they lost that final, but came right back at the National in Sault Ste Marie and beat Brad Jacobs in the finals!

So far so good with the red pants!

Photo courtesy of Anil Mungal