Sunday, October 26, 2014


The winning ways continue for the team from Winnipeg MB!  The continue to dominate the competition by winning their 4th consecutive title in 4 events to start the 2014/15 curling season, this time winning the Challenge Chateau Cartier de Gatineau in Gatineau QC.

The team qualifed A side winning their 4 games to reach the playoffs.

On Sunday, the team won their quarterfinal matchup by default when Mark Dacey of NS opted to fly home instead of playing their game.

In the semi finals, it was an all Hardline Curling battle with Team McEwen facing their MB counterparts Team Reid Carruthers.  In a see-saw offensive battle, McEwen took 2 in the 1st with hammer.  Carruthers countered with a 3 ender in the 2nd, and McEwen fought back with a 4 in the 3rd end.  Carruthers took a deuce in the 4th end to trail 6-5.  After a 5th end blank, McEwen sealed the game with a 3 in the 6th to win 9-5.

In the finals, McEwen played Team Jean-Michel Menard from QC in a tight game.  McEwen was held to 1 in the 1st, and then stole 1 in the 2nd after a Menard double takeout attempt failed.  A blank in 3rd led to Menard taking a single in the 4th.  McEwen and Menard traded deuces in the 5th and 6th.  McEwen then scored a single in the 7th to take a 5-3 lead, and were able to run Menard out of rocks in the 8th.

Team McEwen has started the season with an astounding 28 wins and 1 loss record after 4 events.  They are definitely the hottest curling team on the planet at the moment, and will be the favorites heading into the first Grand Slam event of the season, the Masters in Selkirk MB from Oct 28 to Nov 2.